The businessman tells why Pedrinho does not return to the CorinthiansEntertainment 

The businessman tells why Pedrinho does not return to the Corinthians

Discovered by Timão, the midfielder is off the field due to the war in Ukraine

Daniel Augusto Jr / Ag. Corinthiansshingle
Pedrinho was discovered by the Corinthians and left in 2020 for Shakhtar

midfielder Pedrinhowhich was in Shakhtar Donetskis free in the market and many fans wonder why the 24-year-old athlete has not returned to play in Corinthians after the termination of the contract due to war. According to his manager, the reason was financial. “What Pedrinho is gaining today, the Corinthians can not afford. This is the reason. The crowd is there scolding the player, talking a lot of shit, about God’s love. It is not Pedrinho, it is Shakhtar who will not allow him to reduce his salary. They do not. “He is not the boss, he is the Shakhtar player,” said businessman Will Dantas in an interview with the Coringão Pistola channel. Pedrinho’s salary revolves around 25 thousand BRL per monthwhile its market value is estimated at 17 million euros (R $ 93 million, at current price).

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