The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 campaign requires a constant network connection

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is another & aogon; ods & lstrok; he & aogon; a series that requires a constant connection with & aogon; on PC even while playing alone in the story campaign. The players are not & aogon; satisfied.

The situation will not be until the end of the new & sacute; ci & aogon ;, because & zdot; returns with each & zdot; d & aogon; others & aogon; ods & lstrok; on & aogon ;, of & aogon; d versions for personal computers running & eogon; & lstrok; y of & cacute; distributed in the app. However, this does not diminish the surprise and disappointment.

“P & lstrok ;acimy pe & lstrok; n & aogon; prices & eogon; for what & sacute;, what not in & lstrok; & aogon; we do offline, which basically we don’t have in & lstrok; asno & sacute; & cacute; “ – Skar & zdot; y si & eogon; a certain “DovahBornKing” on Reddit. “If Activision’s servers go down, we’re left with a 125GB paperweight.”

“Remember & eogon; well, it was & lstrok; a big problem in Black Ops 3. If we & sacute; lost & sacute; lost our way, we’re kicked out of the campaign, with no save points “ – adds “Weavel”, who was quickly aware that the goal of this production was “co-op gameplay”, so this approach will & sacute; this approach to be able to explain & cacute;

“But this is Modern Warfare 2, which is designed with my & sacute; l & aogon; about single player, so the network connection requirement should not apply to & aogon; live & cacute; “ – agrees & eogon; another one of your users.

There is also & zdot; another problem. “I would like to know & cacute; why anti-fraud measures in & lstrok; & aogon; czaj & aogon; si & eogon; in the campaign. As a result, the game does not work natively on Steam Deckbecause & zdot; Ricochet does not work on Linux “ – adds one of the players.

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