The “celebrities” who will make it to training this year

One way to be aware of the pace of time is to consider at the beginning of the year how many celebrities change in a decade. Of course, we discovered candy that will reach 30 years around 2023. It seems incredible because although the trainees are still very young, there is a psychological barrier between the 20s and 30s that marks a new, more mature stage. Rau Alejandro opens the list: the past January 10 I reached out to his bride, Rosalia, who performed them last September. Interestingly, his birthday comes the same week the singer made his acting debut Sky red.

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Zayn Malik

Zayn isn’t the only former member of the One direction que complirá los 30 esta ano, pero si el primero (los comple el January 12). He’s working on his next album alone and trying, on a personal level, to smooth over rough patches with his ex Gigi Hadid.

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Marc Marquez

The six-time MotoGP world champion will blow out 30 candles February 17. He’s doing it in full training to get back on the track and trying to improve the physical problems he’s been dragging along: a man injury and diplopia diagnosed last year.

Marc Marquez has opened up about his relationship with Lucia Rivera in the years since their split


Suga (BTS)

The most famous South Korean K-Pop group in the world will be celebrating March 9 The 30th anniversary of one of its members, Suga (Agust D). So, they will celebrate it separately as they join their respective military services, what they will be missing from the scenarios till 2025.

This is BTS, the k-pop group whose temporary split caused a huge stir


Ariana Grande

The artist will change from decade to June 26. Immersed in several musical projects, we hope that this new achievement will serve to forget the evil that I suffered in the previous one, when a thug who threatened to kill me broke into his house.

The reason for Ariana Grande’s drastic change: she’s now ruby!


Liam Payne

El August 29 another former of One directionLiam Payne, will cross the barrier from 20 to 30. Delighted with his new partner, Kate Cassidy, it is also said that professionally he will create expectations with his second solo album.

Liam Payne and Maya Henry broke off their engagement behind images of the singer with another girl


Niall Horan

Another former member of One direction, the third, reaches training in 2023. Lo hará el September 13. And it seems this change of decade has been inspiring for him as well, because he’s moving forward with another snippet of what will be his next album.

Who is the mystery girl who conquered Niall Horan?


Patrick Schwarzenegger

The actor, son of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger and the ex Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus, among others, talks about 2023, marked by two new projects, a series and a movie, and rumors of a relationship with Abby Champion, his girlfriend since 2016. And if he marries September 18, day of your cumpleaños?

Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes his son’s hairdresser… but in his own way


Barbara Palvin

Yes, one of them it-girls the current ones will also be trained from then October 8. The Hungarian model has been living a precious love story with Dylan Sprouse since 2018, so we imagine they will be celebrating a very special anniversary together.


Garbine Muguruza

Garbin share your birthday with Barbara Palvin. If the tennis player celebrated last fall with a trip to the Maldives with her fiance Arthur Borges, we hope that the chosen destination of her 30 cumpleaños (if tournaments are allowed) at least matches her.


Ana Castillo

One of Javis’ fetish actresses (Ambrosi and Calvo) will blow out 30 candles October 9 and in this year 2023 you have a bunch of unfinished projects: among them a film with Luis Tosar, A big one. The Goya Awards are now upon you, and you may be in for a pleasant surprise for your Best Actress nomination.

Major stars of Spanish cinema gather at the San Sebastián Festival in the presentation of Untold Stories


Pete Davidson

The comic heartthrob par excellence (this 2022 was the engagement of Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski, with those who broke up just a few days ago) seems more successful at work: he starred in four films that will see the light in 2023. , the year he number 3 will head your age. More specifically, him November 16.


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