The cemetery wreath will decorate the grave on All Saints’ Day, and it is easy to make. See how to do it yourself. Step by step instructions

Feast of All Saints on Tuesday, November 1. For this and the next day, All Souls’ Day, we decorate the graves of those who died near us. We often buy ready-made decorations and centerpieces, but you can also make a beautiful cemetery wreath yourself. Such an ornament is more personal than ready-made and mass-produced. And most of the materials for making such a wreath can be found in the garden or on a walk. We suggest how to make a wreath for All Saints yourself.


Making a wreath for All Saints is not difficult, nor does it require special skills. The base of our wreath is a border made of willow twigs, but it can also be replaced with a ready-made wicker border (often available in flower shops and wicker shops). Wreath decor is a matter of taste and what we have access to. You can buy at bazaars before November 1 dry flowers and green twigs. When it comes to dried flowers, it is worth using above all colorful and long-lasting pimples (limonium) and garden calluses called dogs. But we can also add, for example, homemade dried roses or other flowers from dry bouquets.

They are an important element green twigs. We can use various conifers – thujas, cypresses, firs, spruces, yews (note – with cypresses and spruces, we have to take care of slightly prickly fingers). Mahogany also looks nice. Their leaves are dark green and shiny, and since they are green all year round, they are a great addition to a wreath or other decoration on the holiday of All Saints.

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