The Chamber of Deputies will vote for PEC das Bondades this ThursdayEntertainment 

The Chamber of Deputies will vote for PEC das Bondades this Thursday

The proposal will be examined in the special commission, but the objective of the government is for it to go to the plenary session as well.

Paulo Sergio/Chamber of DeputiesThe Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira
The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira

The leader of the Bolsonaro government in Chamber of Deputiescongressman Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), declared that the text of PEC of Kindnessof deputy Danilo Forte (União-CE), will be voted on this Thursday, the 7th, in the special commission. The idea is that the proposal will be taken up for analysis in the House’s plenary session on the same day. The PEC das Bondades foresees the recognition of the state of emergency until the end of 2022 and a package of BRL 41.5 billion in aid outside the spending limit to be implemented for three months after the elections. The resource should be used to create a voucher worth R$ 1000 for truck drivers, an aid, but without a defined amount, for taxi drivers, in addition to the expansion of Auxílio Brasil, from R$ 400 to R$ 600 per month .

O court Accounts of the union (TCU) opened a process to analyze a request made by public ministry to investigate PEC das Bondades. The MP asks the TCU to evaluate and hinder the federal government regarding the latest measures aimed at easing the spending ceiling and compromising the fiscal balance. Ricardo Barros already contradicts this argument: “We are taking a decision that does not affect the market, because the country has no debt, we are investing part of what has been collected from the extraordinary income this year, there is nothing about fiscal irresponsibility. on the contrary”.

Barros warned again about inflation for the poorest and denied that the PEC das Bondades has an electoral character, as the opposition says. “There is nothing electoral about this. All countries are taking the same measure at the moment, there is nothing irresponsible, because we are investing resources that have already been collected in surplus from what was foreseen in the budget. And it is a fair measure because it is socially correct. The poorest families will be served by this program. So here is our request that tomorrow everyone go in favor of CEC benefits. And we will count on the opposition’s vote,” he said.

In an interview for Jovem Pan News, deputy Marco Bertaioli (PSD-PS) recognizes the importance of the PEC in the face of rising prices, but says that future impacts are uncertain. “If there are no absolutely effective economic measures to curb inflation and maintain investment capacity, we will have to resort more and more to such projects, which may help some segments, but of course everyone knows that these the help is momentary. And at first they end up causing even more inflation and more lack of control in our country,” he says.

*With information from reporter Bruno Pinheiro

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