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The Chinese government denies data collection by apps like TikTok

Mao Ning, spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy (credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China)

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning criticized the US congressmen’s stance and defended that the Chinese government does not collect data from any apps in their country. And he declared that US lawmakers are conducting a “xenophobic witch hunt” against the Chinese social network.

“The Chinese government takes privacy and data security seriously, including legal protection. The Chinese government has never required and will never require any company or individual to collect or provide data, information or intelligence to overseas countries and against their local laws,” Ning said, reading an official note in a press conference on Friday, the 24th.

Ning then went on to read the passage criticizing the US and its lawmakers: “The US government has not shown proof or evidence that TikTok (Android, iOS) threatens its national security, yet it has pressured and attacked the company. based on the presumption of guilt. We’ve noticed that some of the congressmen have said that they see the blocking of TikTok as a ‘xenophobic witch hunt’.

The spokeswoman also stated that the US should “respect the principles of the market economy and fair competition”, provide an “open, fair and non-discriminatory” environment for foreign companies operating in the US and “stop pressure” on foreign companies. the foreigner.

China’s stance comes this Friday, the 24th, a day after TikTok CEO Shou Chew attends a US Congressional hearing. Chew has repeatedly responded that TikTok does not hand over US user data to the Chinese government and that this information never leaves US territory.


The US government has had an eye on TikTok since the Trump administration. In September 2020, the US banned the download of the app in the country. In June 2021, now with Joe Biden, the president repealed his predecessor’s measures, replacing them with a new executive order. This time, the head of state requested security reviews for applications that are under the jurisdiction of foreign adversaries, such as China. US congressmen have moved since the end of 2022 to block the use of TikTok in the country under the prerogative of potential problems with national security, as the platform would pass data from American citizens to the Chinese government. However, there is no evidence, only a bill calling for deportation.

The dispute has escalated in recent weeks with the US government and European Union countries blocking the use of the video app on their public servants’ mobile phones. Shortly after the EU escalated tensions, TikTok introduced Project Clover which seeks to bring more safeguards to European users.

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