The Cimvalpi MG Contest opens registration for elementary and high schools

Vale do Piranga (Cimvalpi) Multisectoral Intercity Consortium announces: competition Cimvalpi MG with primary and high school vacancies.

Interested persons should apply at the following address Competition management site until November 25. The fee varies depending on the position: R$40 for primary education and R$60 for high school and technical courses.

Cimvalpi MG Contest Vacancies

In total, three vacancies will be offered, split between General Services Assistant, which has an intermediate level requirement, and two vacancies, split between Administrative Assistant and Accountant positions, which have an intermediate level requirement.

It should be remembered that the initial salary varies depending on it office, being R$1,212 for elementary level and R$2,324.97 for high school. The burden of both career is 40 hours per week.


To fill the position, the following requirements must be met:

  • Be a native Brazilian, naturalized or Portuguese citizen with equal rights to Brazilians; in case of being Portuguese, prove the condition of equality and political rights in the form of art; 12, § 1 of the Constitution of the Republic;
  • Enjoy political rights;
  • To be with electoral obligations.
  • To be with military service obligations in the case of a male candidate.
  • Be 18 years old at the time of inauguration;
  • Have the physical and mental abilities to perform the duties of the position, which will be verified in the official medical examination carried out by the competent expert unit, under the conditions of the current legislation;
  • Proof of education required for admission to the posts as per Appendix I of this notification

How will the tests be conducted?

Cimvalpi MG competition tests are scheduled for January 15, 2023. It should be remembered that an objective test of the nature of elimination and qualification will be applied.

It will consist of multiple choice questions dealing with Portuguese, general knowledge, mathematics, computing and/or special knowledge.

It is important to note that the objective test will consist of a total of 30 multiple choice objective questions for entry level posts and 35 multiple choice objective questions for intermediate and intermediate technical posts.

Each objective test question will have 4 answer alternatives and only 1 alternative should be marked as an answer for each question. As for the testing time, the duration of the tests for all positions will be 3 hours.

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