The Civil Police arrests the leader of the gang that applied fraud to the elderly

The suspect was the target of an operation that began on Wednesday, the 29th, when five people were arrested

Intelligence/Civil PoliceArrest of the Civil Police
Documents, mobile phones and jewelry were seized by the Civil Police

or Civil police e Rio de Janeiro arrested this Friday, 31 years old, a person suspected of being the leader of a gang that beat the elderly throughout the country. With it, the corporation seized two luxury vehicles, watches, jewellery, two pistols, mobile phones, notebooks, cards, passports and fake documents. According to agents, the scammer had an outstanding temporary arrest warrant issued by the Federal District Court. The crime consisted of the fraudulent sale and negotiation of resort club benefits and titles. Fraudsters promised high profits from the sale of bonds. “This type of commercialization was widespread in the 80s and 90s, where the main victims were the elderly,” the police said. The damage caused by the organization amounts to 20 million dollars for the victims. The suspect was one of the targets of “Operation Hermes”, launched on Wednesday the 29th, when five people were arrested. The action was carried out in the capital of Rio de Janeiro and in Niterói. At that time, mobile phones, computers and documents were seized. The operation was supported by the Civil Police Federal District, the State Secretariat of the Civil Police (Sepol) of Rio Janeiro, through the Police Commissariat for the Suppression of Computer Crimes (DRCI) and other units of the General Department of Specialized Police (DGPE). The investigations lasted about six months.

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