The Classic Fallout Collection is Free on the Epic Games Store

How to offer classics for free, that’s all! The Epic Games Store broke the bank and gave gamers a great collection of Fallout’s iconic post-apocalyptic RPGs!

It’s time for another episode of the free game on the Epic Games Store – this time an extremely enjoyable episode for all classic lovers with a capital “K”!

For the next tens of hours, we can seize it without any costs a complete set of iconic games from the Fallout series, presenting the game in two dimensions. And we are talking here about three absolutely excellent productions:


I think these titles need no introduction – they are absolute classics of the RPG genre, which laid the foundation not only for the next productions of this series, but also for a number of other titles. set in post-apocalyptic reality.

These games are undoubtedly unknown, so if you do not have experience with these productions yet, there may not be a better opportunity.

We will download games for free for one day, so until December 23, 5 p.m.. After that, another free production will be made available.

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