The co-owner of the Sons of Boston bar tried to cover up the deadly stab wounds with a knifeEnglish 

The co-owner of the Sons of Boston bar tried to cover up the deadly stab wounds with a knife


Alisha Dumeer was indicted Thursday in Suffolk Supreme Court on charges of complicity following the murder of Marine veteran Daniel Martinez in front of the Sons of Boston bar. Matt Yan for The Boston Globe

BOSTON (AP) – A co-owner of a Boston bar tried to get rid of a bloody tracksuit allegedly worn by one of the club’s bouncers when he fatally stabbed a former Marine who was celebrating a weekend on St. Patrick’s Day. Patrick, the prosecutor claims in court on Thursday.

Alisha Dumeer, 34, who owns a stake in the Sons of Boston bar, was released with a personal check-out after pleading not guilty to complicity following the March 19 murder of Daniel Martinez (23).

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The bouncer, Alvaro Larrama, 38, pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and continued to be in custody without bail. Larrama followed Martinez and his friends down the street after they exchanged words, and stabbed Martinez after hitting the bouncer in the head with an aluminum beer bottle, the prosecutor said.

Martinez, who is from the Chicago area, was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was recently fired after a four-year tour in the Marines.

After the sting, surveillance cameras show Dumeer giving the bouncer a change of clothes and putting away old clothes, including a tracksuit that was later found and positive for blood, prosecutors said.

Dumeer’s lawyer Francis DiMento Jr. he said the surveillance footage did not show the whole story and that his client claimed innocence. Larrama’s lawyer was left with an e-mail asking for comment.

The bar closed after the city suspended its entertainment and alcohol licenses.

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