The coffin with the body falls out of the hearse and the taxi driver thinks it’s a Halloween prank; LOOKING

The case happened in the early hours of this Friday, the 28th, in Ribeirão Preto, in São Paulo.

Reproduction / Social networksthe coffin falls by car
Security cameras have captured the moment when the taxi driver takes the coffin out of the road

A coffin with a body fell from a funeral home in the early hours of Friday, the 28th Ribeirão PretoIN São Paulo. A passing taxi driver saw the coffin on the road and thought it was a joke. Halloween. Around 3:30 a.m., the funeral home’s lid opened and the coffin fell at the intersection of Rua São Sebastião and Avenida Jerônimo Gonçalves. A bus then slid into the casket, opening the lid. Shortly after, the taxi driver came across the episode and, thinking it was a joke, got out of the car. However, he noticed that there was a body inside the coffin and moved it out of the way and closed it. THE Military Police (PM) was at the scene to provide support and the funeral home returned to the scene to remove the casket.

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