The Cohn brothers from Munster remain in custodyEnglish 

The Cohn brothers from Munster remain in custody

Eight Con brothers from Munster are still in custody in Mallorca. The responsible judge says there is a maximum risk of escape.

“Why Not” restaurant near Balerman is on fire. Police arrested 13 German vacationers in Majorca because, as they say, they started the fire. © photo alliance/dpa/5vision

Eight of the 13 Con brothers from Munster who are in custody for the arson in Majorca will not be released on bail for the time being. The Germans are accused of starting a fire near Ballerman on May 20. They threw burning buttocks and alcohol from the balcony of their hotel room onto the thatched roof of the terrace of the restaurant below.

It is said that the parents invested half a million euros in the Sparkasse Münster trust account at the beginning of June, as reported in the picture. They would fulfill the condition of competent investigative judge. The money is to be used for damage to the facade of the bar, the public house below it and the hotel.

But according to the picture, the judge did not accept the guarantee. He wanted the money immediately in Spain. On June 28, the judge made a decision that there is a maximum risk of escape due to the lack of roots. Lawyers for the eight youths now want to take action.

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