The council rejected the rezoning request on third reading

Riverton City Council on Tuesday night denied a zoning change request for land southwest of the intersection of Pure Gas Road and Webbwood Road. The application was submitted by Haan Development, which previously built housing to the south of the current application.

According to the agenda for the meeting, “the petitioner planned to build commercial office space and garages for businesses or individuals to rent. C-1 zoning offers greater flexibility in the type of businesses that can lease and use the available commercial space.” The land is currently zoned CP, or “planned neighborhood shopping district, which allows for retail sales of consumer goods and personal services that are needed for everyday life. The density and intensity of use can be considered low to medium. Uses in this neighborhood are to be compatible with adjacent residential neighborhoods,” the staff report said.

The yellow highlighted border indicates the respective parcel.

Riverton Community Development Director Michael Miller said Haan Development could still build the project with CP’s current zoning, which restricts commercial activity after 10 p.m.

The council gave the application positive first and second readings, but the measure was tabled two weeks ago after questions were raised about the nature of the development. On Tuesday, the item was “not displayed” and brought back to action.

Only one council member, Lindsey Cox, voted for the change. All others and Mayor Tim Hancock voted against the change, keeping the parcel zoned CP.

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