The country sets an example and approves menstrual leave with a paid break

a Spain left an example. It is now the first European country to pass a law allowing women to take time off work due to menstrual cramps. AND: Paid menstrual leave, yes. The initiative also expands a number of rights of the female gender.

The Spanish Parliament approved the measure with 185 votes in favor and 154 against. Celebrations gripped the country. The text does not mention the limitation of days of removal, being considered as temporary incapacity.

According to the law, “it refers to the regulation equivalent to this pathological situation, to eliminate any kind of negative prejudice in the workplace.”

More countries!

With the approval of the law, Spain joins countries such as Indonesia, Japan and Zambia that are already considering the measure.

Equality Minister Irene Montero from the Podemos party celebrated the approval of the document.

“Today is a historic day of progress in the field of feminist rights,” Montero tweeted.

The approval is part of a series of new rules that make abortion more flexible, which has already been approved by Congress and that recognizes menstrual health as a right.

The new measure is full of women’s rights, such as the fight against menstrual poverty and new rules on abortion and gender reassignment.

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Criticism from conservatives

Not everyone liked the approval of the law. The Conservative People’s Party (PP), the opposition party, has warned of negative consequences for women in the labor market.

To: UGT, the General Union of Workers, the law can force employers to refuse to hire women.

Other initiatives

The news was not limited to that. Congress also approved free gender self-determination from the age of 16.

Previously, in Spain, a medical report with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and a hormone treatment test was required for two years, now this will no longer be necessary.

The new reform of the abortion law also aims to guarantee the implementation of voluntary abortions in the field of public health before the 14th week of pregnancy.

From the 14th to the 21st week, “therapeutic abortion” is allowed, when it is interrupted for medical reasons, for example, because of a fetal defect or the loss of the mother’s life.

Public and universal access to contraceptive methods is also guaranteed, including morning-after pills and distribution of menstrual hygiene material to vulnerable women.

For Equality Minister Irene Montero, the measures expand the protection of women’s rights in the country and create new conditions for the female gender.

Irene Montere (center), Spain’s equality minister, celebrates with feminists the approval of paid menstrual leave, which expands women’s rights in the country. Photo: Oscar del Pozo/AFP.

with information from Deutsche Welle.

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