The couple travels the world recreating scenes from famous movies. Watch the video.

A passion for cinema and a lot of creativity drive a couple that travels the world recreating scenes from the movies we love the most. Robin Lachhain, 31, and Judith Schneider, 30, travel, have fun, and recreate these moments.

They chose not to photoshop. The custom became a hobby and gained followers around the world. It all started six years ago and continues. (video below)

The initiative went viral and turned into pages on social media: The Scret Famous Place. Avid Internet users, they scour blogs, social networks, and Google Maps to pick out locations where movies have been shot from a different and interesting perspective so they can serve as backgrounds for the images they make.

went viral

The couple’s proposal was so successful that more than 58.9 thousand followers began to follow them on social networks, especially on Instagram, after posting on The Secret Famous Places. Follow on Instagram

“This is our hobby,” said Judith Schneider.

The idea is to be happy and have fun, says Judith Schneider. “We did it because it’s so much fun. But after four or five years, we realized that everyone who looks at our photos is laughing and having a good time, so we decided to put them on Instagram.”


Robin Lachhain and Judith Schneider met at a friend’s birthday 10 years ago, soon fell in love and came up with the idea of ​​recreating scenes from the movie. They estimate that they shot more than 70 scenes.

Scenes from Game of Thrones have already been recreated in San Juan de Gastxue, Spain, and from Thelma and Louise in Moab, Utah, USA, for example.

“We’ve always thought it should be a good movie or a good TV series, we don’t want to take a scene from a movie that’s not good,” Lachane said.

Also scenes from Lord of the Rings, New Zealand Mt. In addition to finding the right film and the right scene, they also plan a vacation during each shoot.


Enjoy is the order of the day wherever you are. “We’ve combined photography with vacations,” Lachhain said. “When we travel to a country, we want to visit the country and see great sights.”

According to Lachhain, the trips are not traditional tourism. “The great part about this hobby is that we don’t just go to the tourist spots that everyone else in the country is in, we get to see movie locations that are way cooler.”


The couple noted that there are no difficult and difficult situations left, starting from the weather, very cold or hot, curious spectators, in addition to heavy luggage and equipped with equipment and costumes.

Scenes from “Star Wars” were recreated in Italy’s Lake Como. “I like that we make people smile,” Schneider said. “This is really, really cool.”

In 2014, the two visited Prague and re-enacted the 1996 film classic Mission Impossible, making sure to capture the moment on camera.

“You have to get the right angle, the right perspective, and be exactly where the actor or actress was,” Lachane said.


Even the actors of famous scenes praise the initiative.

Welsh actor Tom Cullen, who played Viscount Gillingham in ‘Downton Abbey’, is the first star to post a message, writing ‘nailed’ on a picture of himself, reflecting a scene from the popular ITV show, which was filmed near Highclere Castle in the UK.

“At that point we had maybe three photos and 300 followers or something like that,” says Schneider. “So it was really cool [da parte dele]”.

Because they both work full-time, Lachhein and Schneider plan their trips around a maximum of six weeks of vacation per year.

“People are so proud to have these filming locations in their city,” Schneider said. “And they try to help us a lot. They are so kind,” he added. “The list [de locais] it’s long,” Schneider said. “We’re going to spend a few more years on it.”

The adventures and misadventures of the German duo can be seen on The Secret Famous Place Facebook pages

Here’s a couple reliving Game of Thrones in San Juan de Gastxue, Spain – Photo: Secret Famous Places/HBO


With information from Insider, DW, Facebook and Youtube

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