The creators of Almap open a series of interviews with D&AD judges

Marco Janelli and Yercate Brito are on the Film and Photography Jury respectively and talk to the festival about their expectations in addition to topics such as the use of artificial intelligence in advertising.

For the second consecutive year, PROPMARK repeats the project for PROPCAST ​​with a series of interviews with Brazilian judges selected by the D&AD Awards organization, which returns to the face-to-face format in 2023. The festival takes place in between. May 7 and 10 in London. The first episode of the podcast series was recorded with Marco Giannelli, Pernil, CCO of AlmapBBDO and Iron Brito, Creative Director of Almap. Pernille is on the Film Jury and Brito will judge Photography.

This will be the first time when Brito will participate in the jury of the award ceremony. “I have never evaluated any festival and I started from a very high level, I am even a little scared,” he says. For him, being together physically creates a different atmosphere. “And you can interact and exchange with people more. This will inevitably affect the development of events,” says Brito.

According to Pernille, who participated in the D&AD remote jury two years ago, the experience of everything with live people is much richer. “Creatively, it is fundamental, and also during discussions, everything becomes more interesting. It’s important to be there, except that the location where D&AD takes place is sensational, in an old brewery, The Old Truman Brewery. The atmosphere of the city is also fantastic,” he says.

Brito believes that part of his contribution to the jury will come from his social image, his experiences, his place of speaking and his background. “I think it’s going to be a good mix of what you see in the judges’ list and the photos,” said the Tocantins native.

On the verdict, Pernille reminds us that the reward level in D&AD is very high, especially with crafting. “I think it’s a super critical award. Creativity is a common thing for us to talk about, but a film should have a great idea, be unexpected. The production of pieces at a festival like D&AD is very careful. This concern with craftsmanship is extremely important.”

Brito points out that photography can speak to anyone, from any country. “The photograph still has that power. At the agency, we talk a lot about the power of synthesizing an idea into an image.”

The creators of AlmapBBDO also talk about the use of artificial intelligence in advertising, among other topics.

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