The creators of The Messenger have pleased fans with the progress of their old role-playing game Sea of u200bu200bu200bu200bu200b.

Canadian indie studio Sabotage, known for The Messenger platform, talked about the development of their previous RPG called Sea of ​​Stars in a pre-New Year post and shared new screenshots of the game.

Image source: Sabotage Studio

According to the developers, the team and the game are great. At this point, the main plot is playable from start to finish, the story is written, and all the levels and mechanics work as they should.

Now the team is aiming for “beta”. Optional content, various NPCs, and translation into other languages ​​remain unfinished. Developers will also have to clean up a lot of bugs and do “an impossible amount” of polishing.



Sea of ​​Stars is expected to be released on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. In the post, the creators confirmed that they still plan to release the game throughout 2023. The team is not yet ready to specify the exact date.

Sea of ​​Stars is the prequel to The Messenger. The two sons of Solstice must combine the powers of the sun and moon to master the magic of the eclipse and deal with the monsters of the evil alchemist.

They promise a seamless exploration of the world, a fascinating story with secondary stories and characters, side activities (fishing, cooking, etc.), dynamic lighting and Russian language support.

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