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Written by Henrique on July 18, 2022 at 10:04 pm | Updated July 18, 2022 at 10:21 p.m

Amazonas – Amazonino Mendes (Citizenship), a candidate for the government of Amazonas, fired the campaign coordinator, Gabriel Aquino, from Rio Grande do Sul, due to a lack of resources. The information was published this Monday (July 18). In addition, gossip sites and bloggers have accused Paul Castro, Amazon’s social media marketing coordinator, of default.

Gabriel Aquino is from Rio Grande do Sul and was the campaign coordinator of Wilson Lima in 2018. This year, he had the mission of electing an Amazonian for the fifth time as governor of Amazonas. However, according to sources, the uncertainty surrounding the choice of Amazon’s deputy would make it financially unfeasible to continue the marketing strategy adopted by the Negão campaign. Due to the lack of structure, Gabriel would leave the position to take on other responsibilities while he still had time.

Amazonino would experience rejection from companies and investors who do not invest in his pre-campaign due to his critical health condition, without the prospect of commanding the Amazons and following the plans.

In addition to leaking information about the termination of the gaucho marketer, Amazon’s campaign company would owe the paid gossip sites to spread information favorable to his campaign. A printout of the group of owners of these pages shows conversations in which they comment on late payments.

Amazon’s Mendes has made statements that are worrying about his poor health, including information from members of the politician’s family who point out that he would no longer be in good health to govern the state of Amazonas. And that the dispute for the position of the new CEO will be led by third parties, and no longer by the former mandate holder.

Amazon coordinator accused of failing to fill news and gossip pages on Instagram

Amazon’s front-runner Mendes’ marketing chief, Paulo Castro, has been accused of failing to comply with several local news and gossip sites on Instagram.

According to the information, the Amazon merchant would hire Instagram accounts to help with dissemination and would not pay the agreed amounts.

Also according to the information, Paulo would be accused of allegedly ‘pinning’ bloggers due to non-fulfilment of payment.

Paulo Castro was once the secretary of communications in the administration of Amazonin Mendes when he was governor, and is currently still responsible for managing the image of the candidate for the Amazonian government of the Civic Party.

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