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Before the World Cup started, a mathematical model developed by researchers from the University of Oxford circulated on the Internet, which everyone took seriously. The main reason was that the English mathematicians gave Brazil as champion, making the final against Belgium. The account went very wrong and neither Brazil nor Belgium came close to the final. Two things to take away as a lesson:

1 — In football, you can’t trust any forecast, not even the math.

2 — If mathematics could predict the future, Oxford scientists would all be millionaires and no longer do research at Oxford.

But on the other hand, France v Argentina was a very predictable final. They were the two best teams in the Cup.

And contrary to predictions, the Brazilians cheered Argentina in the final. Or rather: by Messi. In fact, it wasn’t exactly cheering, you could say it was more sympathy for Messi, despite the selection of the brothers. Because cheering is something else. Cheerleading is when our team wins and we’re so happy we go outside to get drunk until we drop dead and that way we have a good reason to miss work on Monday. But Argentina won and I’m sure no one in Brazil missed work on Monday with that excuse.

Well, the Cup is over. Messi won! Argentina too. And the screenwriter for the finale is favorite for the Oscar for best screenplay. What a game!

I enjoyed Argentina’s victory when I saw Messi champion, but I’m already a little sad to imagine the hardships of the Argentines with this third championship. What reassures me is that the French were perhaps even stronger.

And now let’s stay here, WC orphans. No games to watch this week! Damn, we’ll have to get back to normal life. The only consolation is that we don’t have to wait four years for the next Cup, but only three and a half years. In other words, the next Cup is almost here! Beauty! When will the sticker album be released?

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