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Cats are a unique species. Creatures full of intelligence and very spontaneous. All lovers of these amazing creatures will want to have cat games for mobile, with which they can spend very pleasant moments with these cute animals, turning into virtual characters.

If you are one of those people who often wonders how to fit more cats into your life then you will be glad to know. many creators have developed all kinds of games for people like you. Today we suggest some of the best cat games for mobile.

My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela The protagonist of this game is very cute cat. All Stars virtual, her dream is to become a world famous singer and dancer.

Users keep Angela happy with multiple daily options:

  • Access to sticker album Extraordinary.
  • Such a sweet task.
  • Extraordinary wardrobe selection.
  • Very sophisticated makeup.
  • angela is fully customizable and interactive.

The creator of this game is the same as My Talking Tom. Offers a customized version to your games for mobile

In the game you can find:

  • Multiple choices to have all game features, no purchase required with real money.
  • By using items that you can buy in gameThere are various prices. For this you will have virtual coins and it will also depend on your progress in the game.
  • There is a subscription, it renews at the end of the period, unless cancelled. Through Settings in your account on Google PlayYou can delete specific subscriptions or manage them.
  • Can you do it in-game purchases.
  • chance to see Outfit7’s animated character videosall this thanks to the great integration with YouTube.
  • you will have promotion of several products and also advertise Outfit7.
  • He app content that you can customize, take everything as you see fit.
  • access to linksfor users to be sent to Outfit7 websites and other apps.

This entertaining game is available in the Play Store for free. It has 4.2 stars and more than 500 million downloads.

My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom This cat is very talkativeWith him your days will become authentic adventures.

Once in the game you will have these options:

  • Big beautiful furniture and clothes you can collect.
  • fun photo album to save your best memories.
  • Beautiful places that you can explore.
  • Various kinds of minigames action packed.
  • best of all, Tom will talk to you As much as you want.

mobile game for cats

Fundamental characteristics:

  1. access to links to direct you to Outfit7 apps and websites.
  2. Through the items you can make purchases using in-game currency, this will suit your progress.
  3. You will see Outfit7 advertisements as well as promotions.
  4. You will have access to customize all game content.
  5. Through integration with YouTube, you will be able to watch the animated character video from Outfit7.
  6. From the application it will be allowed to make purchases.
  7. You will have a subscription which will be renewed within the specified time.

My Talking Tom is available on Play Store. It boasts a staggering 1 billion downloads, and a 4.3 star rating. Undoubtedly one of the user’s favorites.

cat and soup

cat and soup If you are a kitten lover and you are looking for a calm and relaxing game, it can give you that and more. The forest will be the perfect place where many kittens prepare delicious soup.

Main feature:

  1. Animated illustration with the title cat: For different cat breeds such as the Norwegian Forest cat, ragdoll cat, Burmese cat, Himalayan cat, Maine Coon, British shorthair cat, Siberian and more than in a beautiful fairy tale forest you can know.
  2. Interaction with cute cats: Dress up this kitten with accessories, hats and all kinds of clothes.
  3. You can feed your cat any fish you catch in the minigame to get the heart.
  4. Take a photo.
  5. Name your character as you wish.
  6. Simple and fast animal management game: While you are away, the cat worker will cook and they will collect a lot of resources.
  7. If you animal and cooking lover, this animal management game is perfect for you.
  8. You can play anytime, anywhere. When you’re working, you’re eating, you’re on a trip or whatever situation.
  9. Depending on the resources you reach, you can has new recipes and awesome perks.
  10. Relaxing ASMR background music and sounds: To increase stress and anxiety you will have a calm voice.
  11. Watch the cook cat while you prepare your ingredients.
  12. Can add music to your own playlist.
  13. Availability to hear all the sounds of this cat restaurant.

cat and soup

People who may be interested in this game

  • Specialist in the category of management games fast in food game or with restaurant.
  • Those who like type animal crossing game.
  • Cat lover.
  • ASMR fans.
  • User looking for a break.

This relaxing game is in Play Store, available for free. It has 4.8 stars and over ten million downloads.

Castle Cat

castle cat You will be able to start a collection of heroic cats and against the villain Pugomancer.

Game Features:

  • An interesting story: this curious game has a special history which allows you to follow the characters and defeat the evil Pugomancer.
  • Each event has a total of 15 missions, with each other’s stories.
  • you will have Word game and very funny content.
  • action and leisure system: When you are not around, you can let your heroes fight. When you come back you will be rewarded and you will be able to upgrade your character and get epic cats. You can lend a hand to your heroes in battle whenever you want.
  • collection strategy: There are more than 200 heroes available, with various abilities. Can summon your evolved cat and at the same time unlock the traits you don’t haveas well as costumes and abilities.
  • You will also have access to famous and famous cats as are Nala, Monty, Cole and Marmalade.
  • game with events: From the events of Summer, Winter, Super Heroes,
  • Holidays and Celebrities: You will get frequent updates.
  • Customizable Guild Leader: You can collect more than a hundred objects for your cat, all different and ideal for customization.

Castle Cats cat game for mobile

This application has over five million downloads and a 4.8 star rating. You can find it for free in Play Store. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular mobile cat games out there.

Nyan Cat: Lost In Outer Space

mobile game for cats The protagonist of this game is a brave cat named Nyan which will put you on an adventure full of action and adrenaline. You will be able to traverse the space above the rainbow, the reward is a large amount of candy.


  • online table to classify.
  • For added fun, we’ve included ten nyan comic strips.
  • you can take power-ups and space candies.
  • Discover beautiful new feathers, In addition to the theme for each level.
  • That very cute interface And fun.
  • Explore outer space with Nyan the catwhile launching various levels with all kinds of candy.

This colorful game lies Available on Play Store for free. That’s to date over ten million downloads and a score of 4.6 stars. The whole adventure is in color.

We hope that through this article you You can already identify with one of the best cat games for mobile. Finding the right game that meets everything you’re looking for is no easy task, so our goal is to make your search easier. If you know anyone else that wasn’t mentioned, let me know in the comments. We read you.

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