The Cybertruck could be the perfect SUV. Will Tesla decide to do this?

Cybertruck, the most angular and extravagant car, can become the perfect SUV.

The Cybertruck is coming, and Tesla has to rethink whether it wants to make an SUV out of a pickup truck.

The Cybertruck is one of the most interesting vehicles out there and even though it hasn’t gone on sale yet, there’s no doubt that the whole thing will be very eye-catching. The car’s angular body, taken straight out of some sci-fi work, evokes extreme emotions, but one that everyone will immediately know is a Tesla. According to Elon Musk’s assurances, the Cybertruck will go on sale in mid-2023, but it probably won’t be available until 2024 or even 2025.

Credit: Scott Stewart (SAAW)/Electrek

The Cybertruck is Tesla’s entry into the growing electric pickup market. However, Electrek editors decided the car was a good basis for a new SUV, and SAAW boss Scott Stewart even provided preliminary pictures of such a vehicle.

Cybertruck as an SUV? This can be a great idea

The Cybertruck is a big and long car, which of course is necessary in pick-ups; the space available at the back must be large for the vehicle to be functional. Changing this body to an SUV, of course, means you’ll have to ditch the pickup bed in favor of more interior space.

This, however, can be extremely practical, as it will allow the installation of a third row of seats. According to the render, such a car will be able to accommodate up to 9 people thanks to the third sliding seat in the first row. Therefore, it will be a great offer for large families or taxi drivers.

Credit: Scott Stewart (SAAW)/Electrek

This makes sense since Tesla has introduced an SUV with every model so far. After the Model S came the Model X, and after the Model 3 we had the Model Y. It’s worth noting that both of these vehicles have three rows of seats (though it’s hard to boast of them in the Model Y), but the Model X starts at $115,000, and according to recent reports, the Cybertruck SUV version could be available “very at a lower price,” although exact amounts are not available at this time. If so, it could be. to be a truly interesting offering in Tesla’s catalog. What do you think:

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