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The dating app Lefty brings people on the left together

Illustration: Cecilia Marins/Mobile Time

With a global bent and following the success of Veggly (Android, iOS), Brazilian startup Similar Souls launched Lefty (Android, iOS) in August 2022. The dating app was created for people who identify with each other. on the left of the political spectrum, as a way to facilitate the alignment of the like-minded.

“The purpose of the app is to create real and long-term relationships. People look for someone who has the same ideals in a potential partner, and many see political position as something very important in a relationship. And it’s these people on the left that we want to help,” explains Alex Felipelli, CEO of Similar Souls.

Currently with 13,000 monthly users, the app launched its iOS version this week. With the freemium model, users can register, create a profile, match and chat for free. In the paid option, there are other features, such as seeing who liked you before you match, sending superlikes, using the app without ads and seeing who reads your messages.

The rules of cohabitation are the same as on other dating apps: only people over 18 are allowed, nudity and aggressive language are prohibited, among other things. The only different instruction is for users to respect the values ​​on the left. Otherwise, you may be reported and banned. And what values ​​are these? “Gender and racial equality, social welfare, protection of minorities and respect and promotion of science and the arts,” the CEO lists.


Despite Similar Souls, incubated by Cubo Itaú, operating in other countries, Brazil was chosen as the first market for the launch. According to a survey conducted by the startup, 76% of Brazilians said that political position is very important in a potential partner.

“Lefty has features in communications and marketing by country. Since we know best the communication we would have to adopt in Brazil, we preferred to start it here first. With the knowledge we have in this market, we know that the launch in Brazil requires even lower investment, being a good candidate for the first place”, he says.

However, expansion to other countries is already in the plans for the beginning of 2023. The first will be the United States, where the company conducted a market research to find the space for this type of application. Other markets may enter this first phase of expansion, but there is no decision on this. “In the medium and long term, we intend to expand to all the countries that have this demand: people on the left looking for people with the same ideals,” he says.

Future plans also include reaching 80,000 monthly active users by the end of 2022. Despite the election, the CEO does not see an increase in the use of the platform attributable to the period in Brazil. It is difficult to measure the impact of the election because the app was launched several months ago, when the national debate was already starting. For him, the polarized political scenario may help the platform in the short term, but the “core values” of people on the left will not change, so the demand will always be there. “These are very important values ​​to give up on the person who can stay with you for the rest of your life,” he says.

with vegetables

Launched globally in 2018, Veggly is Similar Souls’ successful dating app focused on a different niche: vegetarians and vegans. With 110,000 monthly active users, the platform has a stronger presence in Europe, in countries such as Germany, England and France, and in the Americas, in Brazil, the US, Canada and Mexico.

According to market research by the company, 52% of vegans and 39% of vegetarians refuse to date anyone who eats meat and meat products. Among those who do not refuse, most prefer a “veggie” relationship. “It’s not just a diet, but a set of very important values: animal protection, environmental protection and even the search for a healthier life connected to nature,” he explains.

The strategy of launching apps with a specific location is not for nothing. “One of the biggest complaints from dating app users is the lack of focus. There are many matches with people with little affinity. At Similar Souls, we believe in creating apps where people share some key values,” says the CEO. Other niche markets are already on the startup’s radar, but new apps shouldn’t arrive anytime soon. For now, the focus is on the rise of Lefty and Veggly, which is one of the leading platforms of its kind in the world.

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