The day in Dorsten. the worship stall closes and the dog attacks the animal shelter worker

Almost six decades later
A cult kiosk in Dorsten is closing its counter window for good

The dog bites in the shelter
The employee is spending Christmas in the hospital

Dorstener Heidrun Römer is experiencing a wave of help after the accident
He says thank you.”

Accident on the B58 in Dorsten
The driver and the child end up in a ditch

A man forgets a pizza in the oven and falls asleep
Neighbors call the fire department

There are no restricted zones in Dorsten
However, fireworks are not allowed everywhere on New Year’s Eve

The weather

In Dorsten, the sky is cloudy from the beginning of the day until the afternoon, the sun is not visible, and the temperature is 6 to 9 degrees. In the evening, it will rain in Dorsten with a temperature of 6 degrees. Explosives can reach speeds of 44 to 62 km/h.

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