The defense is asking Torres not to testify

The request was sent to the office of STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes, who consulted lawyers on the questioning.

The defense of the former Minister of Justice and former Secretary of Public Security of the Federal District, Anderson Torres, this Thursday, the 2nd, asked that he not be authorized to testify to the CPI on Anti-Democratic Actions.

The inquiry was sent to the office of the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Alexandre de Moraes, who consulted with lawyers on the inquiry.

The defenders claim that the former minister has already given a statement to the Federal Police (PF) and now intends to exercise his right to remain silent.

“In this scenario, which has already been greatly strengthened by testimony and technical evidence from other investigations, it remains for him to invoke the praetorian guidance of this noble praetorium regarding the preservation of the constitutional right of silence and non-appearance of those under investigation. this condition, at the session of the CAG,” they write.

The parliamentary committee has scheduled the meeting for next Thursday at 9 and is trying to get permission from the STF to hear the former minister in person at the Federal District Chamber.

Torres was preemptively arrested as part of the investigation of the January 8 coup, but the district deputies asked to take him only to give clarifications.

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