The demand for digital signatures in Brazil increases after the pandemic

According to the CEO of a company in this field, growth exceeded 100% per year in 2020 and 2021; users report benefits such as time savings and process safety

News of New Pandigital signatures
The global market for digital subscriptions was estimated at BRL 3 billion in 2020, but is expected to reach BRL 20 billion in 2027

In the market for over ten years, the work of digital signatureswhich was alternative, began to be used to sign more different DOCUMENTS. “Tall pandemic, we saw that the numbers were going up a lot. More than 100% per year in 2 years. Then we continued to grow. There is a very large volume of transactions and companies to buy these methods of digital transformation,” he said. Michael BernsteinCTO i Click sign. The global market for digital subscriptions was estimated at 3 billion BRL in 2020, but should reach 20 billion BRL in 2027. With this, the average growth should increase by 31.7% in seven years, according to a study published by Global Industry Analysis. “There are many opportunities to make it cheaper, better, faster and easier for your customer,” the CTO continues. “We have to break the comfort with security. Going to the registry office is safe, but not very convenient. It’s hard to go, it costs money. In e-signature we break this down, make it a convenient, efficient and secure experience,” continues Bernstein.

In an interview with New pan, Gabriel Oliveira, CEO of a Business Reputation and Public Relations Accelerator, reported several benefits since he started using the digital medium. “I am very pleased that we have stopped using it only in contracts with clients and now use it with partners and employees at home. The benefits are countless. We are talking about efficiency, saving time, control and understanding what is missing. For the relationship with the client, it is very good”, says Gabriel. In addition to practicality, not printing letters also generates advantages from an environmental point of view.

*With information from reporter David de Tarso

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