The demand for temporary workers increases employment at the end of the year

Brazilian Temporary Work Association (claim) estimates the opening of 630 thousand temporary vacancies, in this last quarter, being 15% of them only for trade. For those looking for a professional surrogate, this is a good time. In Luandre, one of the largest HR consultants in the country, specializing in temporary staff, the scenario is the same and there is a large offer of vacancies in retail.

For Gabriela Mative, Director of Human Resources in Luandre, the increase in temporary vacancies is justified by the high demand for professionals for specific dates, starting from sexta-feira Negra it generates more sales in the country year after year. Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm) projects that it should move $6.05 billion in e-commerce, a 3.5% increase over 2021.

According to Gabriela, not only Black Friday, but World Cup, in November, should boost physical and online retail sales. “Contractors are already starting selections to assemble the squads that should remain in December to help with even greater demand, that of Christmas, the Brazilian trade’s main date.“.

It is worth remembering that last year some of the sectors that contributed the most to the national economy were services and trade, and temporary job vacancies had a better result than expected in this scenario, with an increase of 20.6% compared to the year 2020. creation of new jobs 2 415 419 new positions in this mode.

We always emphasize that the temporary competition is the opportunity for the professional to demonstrate his potential for the company. Our employment average, after the period, in CLT mode is 40%“, says Gabriela.

Currently, Luandre has more than 5,400 open positions across the country. Interested candidates can register on the website Candidate.luandre.com.br free of charge.

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