The Detran tender decree may come out next week

Detran CEO Thiago Nascimento announced that the public notice will be issued this July, ending this coming week.

Author: Gabriel de Souza
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Anticipated by many students, the Federal District Traffic Department (Detran/DF) public tender to recruit 366 new employees may be published in the last week of July, making prospective candidates alert to the calendar.

In an interview on the Nova Manhã radio program on July 15, Detran General Director Thiago Nascimento said that the publication of the public notice was expected by the end of this month. A public tender bank has already been established: the Brazilian Institute of Teaching and Learning (IBFC).

“We are going to respond to some of the requirements that the Federal District Attorney’s Office has questioned about the tender, but we hope to have everything ready by the end of the month so that we can issue the notice and the tender will take place. . Everything is already right and everything is on track,” said Nascimento in one of the interviews.

Out of the 366 vacancies offered by the competition, 240 are for technical roles, with 89 immediate vacancies and 151 reserve registrations. Just have a high school level to apply. Currently, the initial salary of such workers is approximately 6 thousand rials.

The remaining 126 opportunities are for the analyst position, with 34 instant nominations and 92 on the waiting list. The candidate for this position must have a higher education. Therefore, their starting salaries are higher, amounting to approximately Rs 9,000.

Banks usually charge news from the newsroom

In an exclusive interview with Concursos & Carreiras Brazil newspaperSpecialist José Helena, Professor of Organic Law of the Directorate of Tenders of the Federal District and Agent of Detran/DF, explained more about the situations that students must face during the objective examination.


Even without public notice, a specialist working in the department and familiar with the competition process says that students should pay more attention to traffic laws during their studies, which can be of great importance. final unit amount.

“Considering the recent public notification of the post of traffic agent, two weights have been charged to the specific subjects. And one of the required content in this part, which is likely to be collected in the tests for the analyst and the technician, is traffic legislation, which includes the Brazilian Highway Code and the decisions of the National Traffic Council. Therefore, we think that if there is weight, then the road legislation will have a greater value,” he says.

To achieve a more effective study mode, the teacher recommends that candidates can follow four important tips. The first is to be better organized by making charts with all the daily learning activities. The second is related to the consumption of video classes and PDFs, “which will greatly optimize your time.”

Another suggestion made by the expert can also be useful for the concoursers is the studies based on solving the questions, especially the previous Detran/DF tests, the last public notice of which was published in 2012. Finally, weekly review of the studied content and reading summaries can be a good strategy before the objective test.


In the last competition, however, the organizing committee was different, being the Universa Foundation, which no longer exists, which has a decree of disappearance issued by the DF justice in 2020. This fact should motivate students to learn more about dynamics. objective tests and IBFC discourses.

Prof Josen says that IBFC usually gives well prepared questions of easy and medium difficulty. In legal matters, the bank charges the law literally “without complications and gimmicks”. In matters of doctrine or jurisprudence, it tends to demand from candidates knowledge of “non-controversial subjects”.

“Objective tests are multiple choice. The number of questions varies according to the competition and position required. The bank usually prepares questions about the entire content of the charge in the public notice. In the discursive test, it is common for him to refer to current issues or a certain content of a public notice,” says the specialist.

The Detran officer also advises that those who are called to make the reserve register can be assured of future appointment. According to him, in the last tender of the transit agent, where 300 vacancies were planned for the reserve register, the approved ones were appointed in less than two years.


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