The dog is shocked to meet the kitten. He despaired!

Getting neutered and meeting a cat on the same day was too much for Badger. She is a dog who was in shock when she was first introduced to a kitten. A castration and a new tenant on the same day is awesome, isn’t it Badger? His small face between panic and despair is surprising.

The story gets funny when you see the sight of Badger, a 36-kilogram Akita who went viral on the Internet after he recorded his reaction when he bumped into a cat, which is unusual in his life.

The pup is from North Carolina and his reaction was hilarious. Badger’s mentor is Camille, an animal caretaker who provides temporary homes for domestic animals. Currently, the American has nine dogs and two cats, four of which are permanent members of the house: three dogs and one cat.

she was in shock

We’re guessing Badger was recovering from spay surgery, but he looked great. Everything changed when Badger met the family’s kitten, he had never seen a cat before.

In the video, Badger has a suspicious face and doesn’t seem to believe what he’s seeing. Funny!

Things get worse when the kitten meows, and that’s when Badger really doesn’t hold back. The dog widens its eyes and is horrified by the situation.

Camille, the pet’s caretaker, even tries to calm the pet down, “it’s okay, Budge, it’s just a kitten,” but it doesn’t seem to have much of an effect, Budge is still desperate. Poor thing!!

Badge’s reaction went viral, with the video garnering more than 5.2 million views and thousands of comments.

“I’ve never seen a dog so scared,” said one netizen. Another story claims that a puppy’s expression is the most beautiful beauty. I agree.

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dogs and emotions

Badger’s reaction didn’t come as a surprise to Genna Mize, a veterinarian at Virbac Animal Health. “Signs that your dog is sad include vocalizations such as whining, as well as a lack of energy or interest in things they normally enjoy, such as snacks or favorite toys,” she said.

Yes, indeed, the little dog didn’t look very happy, did he? But it’s also very messy to have a pet spayed and then introduced to a kitten. We understand you, Badger!

Genna added that dogs also use their face as a means of expression. “They cower or hide their face from you.”

Well, you can be sure that even though Badger went through this scare, all was well in the end and he accepted his new baby brother. Details, Badger was accepted shortly after, ihul!!!!

Although his owner tried to cheer him up, Badger wasn’t too happy to meet the kitten. Photo: Playback/camilleandthedogs/TikTok.

Watch the video and see the animal’s funny reaction to meeting the kitten.

@camilleandthedogs Throwback to this time last year when poor Badger was neutered and met a cat in one day #rescues #fosterdogs #akitamix ♬ original sound – Camille B

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