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The elected president of the KKT, Carlos Viana, requests that Anatel’s proposals be examined by the commission

| Originally posted on Teletime | Senator Carlos Viana (Podemos-MG) was elected this Wednesday, the 8th, to head the Science and Technology Commission (CCT) of the Federal Senate. The deputy said he intends to take the proposal to the speaker of the house, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), that the members appointed to Anatel be questioned by the collegium under his command and not by the Infrastructure Commission, as is the case today.

“I agree with the proposal that the members appointed to Anatel be interrogated by the KKT. The Infrastructure Commission discusses Brazil’s infrastructure investments. Now, if we want to understand the implementation of sectoral policies, I think the right space is here in KKT. I will take this to President Rodrigo Pacheco”, Viana told Teletime. The proposal was also one of the priorities of Senator Jean Paul Prates, who was unable to push the idea forward. This topic was highlighted in the report approved by the college at the end of last year.

Senator Carlos Viana. Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Agência Senado

He also stated that he intends to discuss ways to expand 5G. “Today we have several sectors that require 5G. Agribusiness is one of them. And here I have also received requests from the mining sector. We want to develop this technology in the country,” he said.

Another issue that will be among the priorities of Senator Carlos Viana is improving the quality of Brazilian education through technology. “Are there computers for all students? Is there internet access in all schools? We will debate these issues and talk to the MEC to discuss this,” said Carlos Viana.

Regarding the regulation of the platform, Carlos Viana said that he is in favor of creating criteria for these companies. “We must discuss this openly, democratically, with everyone. This is to avoid any loss of people’s rights and freedoms,” he said.

The new chairman of the KQT called the first session of the college for the evaluation of the proposals for next week.


Carlos Viana has a long relationship with communication issues. He has a degree in journalism and started his professional career as the Brazilian representative of the company Deutsche Lufthansa AG to develop distribution projects around Germany in the state of Minas Gerais, for six years.

In television, he started as a reporter for Rede Minas de Televisão, TV Globo Minas and TV Globo Bahia. He was also a reporter and presenter of Jornal da Alterosa, broadcast by the Minas Gerais television network TV Alterosa. He worked in the United States, where in the city of Cliffside Park, New Jersey, as the editor-in-chief of the National – The Brazilian Newspaper.

Infrastructure Commission

Earlier, Senator Confúcio Moura (MDB-RO) was elected chairman of the Senate Committee on Infrastructure (CI). The senator said that the priority will be to clear the agenda. “We don’t want to leave out any project. It is necessary to correct our proposals”, he said.

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