The exhibition in the Planaltina Museum sells items produced by the students of the project

After two months of classes “Fly high. more than 50 students of the “conscious entrepreneurship” project offer for sale the items produced in the course. The sale takes place at the Casa de Vó exhibition, Planaltina Museum, from the last 3. The event has been extended and will now run from Friday (10th) to Sunday (12th) from 9am to 5pm.

The course of the Voando Alto project is aimed at low-income people in Planaltina. In the classrooms, the youth learned embroidery, knitting, sewing, silk screen, painting, packaging and retail crafts. Products for sale include tableware, creative packaging for their products, sewing, and more.

Students also participated in workshops on tourism, life projects and product marketing. “We encourage creative chain entrepreneurship because no one grows alone,” explains Renata Melo, president of Instituto Entre Nós. Student Crisolina Rita Ladim, 52, for example, learned to make shirts at the Instituto Entre Nós and today she not only supplies shirts for OSC projects, but also teaches in this edition of Voando Alto.

About Among us Institute

Instituto Entre Nós is a non-profit civil society organization from Planaltina that believes in creative economy, culture and social entrepreneurship for development. Since 2018, the institution has strengthened connections and invested in people to transform the community.

grandma’s house
Location: Planaltina Museum
Date: 03/03 to 07/03, 9am to 5pm

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