The family has been seeking justice at Mass for the two years since Henry Borel’s death

The act was celebrated at the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, and also featured a protest with banners and posters.

Family Gathering/Reproductionboy in purple shirt lying down with blurred face
Henry was 4 years old and died last March 8

Two years since the son’s death Henry Borel were remembered in a mass this Wednesday, the 8th, in the sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro. Excited relatives and friends attended the mass and later a demonstration with posters commemorating the cowardice committed against little Henry Borel. The boy’s father, engineer Leniel Borel, gave a statement to Jovem Pan on this occasion: “It was another sad day in my history of struggle, of the struggle for justice for my son. 2 years have passed without seeing justice. We saw several chapters in this story, Jairo telling lies, Monique telling lies and the slow Brazilian judicial system, a judicial system in favor of the defendant, which acquitted Monique, almost acquitted Jairo. We are fighting for justice to be established for an innocent child, brutally murdered, with the participation of his mother and stepfather,” he declared.

Henry Borel died when he was just 4 years old and was in the care of his mother, teacher Monique Medeiros, in an apartment in Barra da Tijuca, in the western area of ​​Rio, where they lived with his stepfather, former councilor Jairo Souza Santos. Junior, known as Dr. Jairinho. From the investigations of the police and the Public Ministry, the child would have been beaten in the apartment and would have arrived practically lifeless in a regional hospital. Jairinho and Monique deny this version. The former councilor has been imprisoned since 2021 in the Bangu Complex. In 2022, the teacher was able to answer the lawsuit for the death of her son in freedom, but she spent some time in prison. Both are accused of triple murder, for a low reason, with torture and without the right of defense of the victim. They are awaiting trial, which could take place in 2023.

*With information from reporter Rodrigo Viga

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