The fastest mobile Internet? These two mow down the competition

T-Mobile, Play, Plus or maybe Orange? Which operator offers us the fastest mobile Internet? November’s results clearly show – there are two winners. Check who did best.

Like every monthly portal presents the results regarding the speed of the Internet offered by Polish operators. Let’s take a look at the situation in November.

The results apply to both compounds 3G, 4G and 5G. Measurements were performed using the mobile application, available for Android and iOS devices. The results contain up to 3.7 million measurements from users.

As every month, the winner in the Download category was chosen again this year T Mobile. The magenta operator wins with a result of 46.1 Mb/s. Play (42.7 MBit/s) and Orange (42.3 MBit/s) follow. Last place is taken by Plus (42.0 MBit/s).

All operators except Orange saw increases compared to October, and Plus finally managed to break the 40 Mb/s barrier.


The upload speed is different. Here all operators present a very similar level – he wins play at 11.8 Mb/s, followed by T-Mobile (11.6 Mb/s) and Orange (11.3 Mb/s). Plus closes the field with a result (10.3 Mb/s).

Ping got the best result this time orange (28 ms), followed by T-Mobile and Play (30 ms each) and Plus with a result of no less than 37 ms.

Summarizing the above results, the average download speed in Poland was 43.2 Mb/sUpload speed 11.3 Mb/s and average ping 31 ms.

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The fastest 5G internet in Poland

Let’s just look at the results in the 5G space, plus he still remains undefeated with his horrendous high score 141 Mbps. The operator is trying to catch up with Play with an average almost twice as low! The result of the purple operator is 73.3 Mb/s.

Third place is taken by Orange (66 Mb/s), and the winner of the first category, namely T-Mobile (65.5 Mb/s), closes the ranks.

Users can undoubtedly enjoy a slight increase in speed – there is no stagnation in the market. T-Mobile seems unbeatable in terms of speed (3G, 4G and 5G), as does Plus in 5G measurements.

I wonder if we’ll see a line-up reshuffle in the near future.

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