The father gave birth to his daughter in the elevator. “It was beautiful and fast.” VIDEO

Beautiful surprises of life. The birth of little Julia marked the life of obstetrician Danilo Almeida in many ways. Besides being the father of a girl, it was the most unusual birth he witnessed in his career.

Little Julia didn’t want to wait and decided to come into the world inside the elevator of the building where the family lives in Annapolis (GO). Delivery took about 30 minutes.

“It was all very fast and unbelievable, my chip hasn’t sunk in yet. I was in the office when my wife texted me about contractions. I went home and saw that she was already eight centimeters dilated. We were going to the hospital, but Julia decided to give birth in the elevator,” Danilo tells with a laugh.

birthday video

Danilo and his wife, nutritionist Deborah Bitar, released a video of the birth this week. However, Julia was born on September 19.

The images show Deborah bent over and the moment she reaches up to lock the elevator door for her husband to help her.

“I was at home, felt the most painful contractions and sent a message to Danilo. I felt that Julia was leaving, I said. “Love, Julia is about to be born,” and I waved the elevator to a stop. God knows the right moment for everything to happen in our lives,” said Deborah.

the birth

Danilo explained that this is his wife’s second birth. The two already have another daughter, Amanda, 2 years old.

Since the first labor was also normal, she says Julia had an easier birth, but was impressed with how quickly it went.

“I dropped the bags to check on him. Julia came into my arms, I put her in Deborah’s arms and accepted my daughter. Then I cut the umbilical cord with tools and we went to the hospital,” says the doctor.

Congratulations Mom and Dad! And health to little Julia.

Watch the birth.

According to Tribuna Online

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