The Federal Government changes the Petrobras board nomination for the second time

The company received a letter from the Union in which it replaced the name of Carlos Eduardo Santos, linked to the owners of the sugar mills, by Efrain Pereira da Cruz, from the Ministry of Justice.

Fernando Frazão/Agência BrasilPetrobras facade
The facade of the headquarters of Petrobras, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro

O The federal government changed again one of the names on the list of nominees for the Board of Directors Petrobras. The reason is probably political disputes over seats in the state’s most important collegium. The company received a letter from the Union announcing the replacement of the name of Carlos Eduardo Santos, associated with the mill owners, by Efrain Pereira da Cruz, who is a professor and member of the National Council for Consumer Protection (CNDC). , of the Ministry of Justice. The new appointee is also a former director of the National Electricity Agency (Aneel). At the beginning of the month, there was another change in the list of nominees. Changing the name of the oil and gas specialist, former Secretary of State of Rio de Janeiro and former president of Cedae, Wagner Vitter, from Bruno Moretti, who is currently in the Special Secretariat for Governmental Analyzes of the Presidency of the Republic. Petrobras also postponed the general meeting of shareholders, in which the agenda is related to the election of new directors.

The meeting will be on April 13 and will be held on the 27th of the same month. The appointments are surrounded by a political battle and there are complaints from inside and outside the government. One of the criticisms of the members of the government defends the appointment of names related to the CEO of the state company, Jean Paul Prattes. Already The only oil workers’ federation (FUP) claims that there is a strong indication of the influence of the Minister of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Silveira, in the nominations for the Board of Directors and that certain names are supposed to be linked to Bolsonarism.

*With information from reporter Rodrigo Viga

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