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The Federal Government is making progress in talks on job regulation by application

The federal government is meeting with representatives of employees of applications, digital platforms, but also with experts and discovers legislation in other countries to regulate the work of applications. The idea is that from the conversations and studies, a text will emerge that forms a consensus between all parties involved for a proposal that ensures the rights for the category by the end of this semester, as the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Luiz Marinho, had already said. . .

The confirmation was made this Wednesday, the 1st, during an activity with international unions, at the Planalto Palace, where Marinho and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva were present.

According to Agência Brasil, the minister did not want to go into details, but the proposal is to draw up a model contract that does not create an employment relationship as provided for in the CLT.

The proposal should also include some kind of contribution to the INSS, with possible compensation from the companies, so that these workers have the right to pension, disability assistance, death pension, among others.

President Lula also spoke at this event, who said that the level of labor exploitation and the rate of informal employment in Brazil are very high, taking on a greater dimension than formal work.

Meanwhile, layoffs

As the federal government seeks social protections for app workers, startups and tech companies face an economic crisis and lay off workers. Also this Wednesday, iFood laid off 355 employees. And most recently, C6 Bank and fintech will also lay off employees. Meta, Google, Microsoft, among other companies, also made staff cuts globally.

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