The first such flight by the US Air Force in history. These pictures are amazing

A recent US Air Force flight provided a host of outstanding photos to the world. It was supposed to inspire young people

A recent mission known as the STEM School Flyover took place on October 12, during which aircraft and airmen from Edwards Air Force Base in California made a unique regional flight. During this mission, many impressive photographs were taken of a series of aircraft over the historic base and surroundings, which have not been missed on the web. The photos show many aircraft, such as C-17s, F-35s, F-16s, T-38s and F/A-18s, that flew over 55 Aerospace Valley schools with a mission to “help foster innovation for the next generation. “.

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This type of action was the first in its purpose and scope, covering a tour of 14 different communities, 55 schools and thus more than 40,000 students over a distance of 402 kilometers. The pilots flew from one school (kindergarten to college) to another between California cities and took pictures of the C-17 during the flight.

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The action itself, on the one hand, provided us with a number of wonderful photos and recordings, but also poses an important question – what will tomorrow bring us? In this particular case, it is about the US Air Force itself, which can definitely be called the best in the world. But what if the next generations opt out of the service and the top talents don’t want to work to improve the military, ensuring peace and “security for a safe tomorrow”?

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