The fleeing pilot said the pregnant woman would be killed the day before, but the motorcycle chain broke; watch the video

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Brazil – Dayson dos Santos Nascimento, who admitted to the civil police that he drove the motorcycle that shot pregnant Letycia Peixoto Fonseca a week ago in Campos dos Goytacazes, said in a statement to the 134th DP (Campos) that the crime would have taken place a day earlier, in Wednesday, 1 However, problems with the vehicle’s electricity meant that the “lane” – the slang he used to define the service he was hired for – was delayed. In a video attached to the investigation, the pilot admits that he waited for the victim’s car to arrive, but thought it was a robbery, not a murder, says he was hired by a man identified as Gabriel, aka Polar, who warned that “one of his boys” to pick him up on BR-101, near the Universal Church of Ururaí, in Campos. On the first, the day before the crime, a motorcycle chain came loose during a trip and service had to be canceled, according to Dayson.

Watch the video:

At home, Dayson must have received a text from Gabriel, saying “it wasn’t supposed to be today”, and they made an appointment for the next day. This excerpt from the statement was not recorded in the video attached to the inquiry.

Investigations point out that Gabriel Machado Leite is an intermediary, responsible for bridging the gap between the principal and the executor. In addition to him and Dayson, João Gabriel Ferreira Tavares, who is listed as the owner of the vehicle, is also being investigated; Diogo Viola de Nadai, the victim’s companion and possible mastermind of the crime; except for Fabian Conceição Silva, the back of the motorcycle, who allegedly shot Letycia. Five were arrested.

With the address and details of Letycia’s car, Dayson claims that he drove to the street where the crime was committed, but that he would have been “desperate” because he “didn’t know the ‘video’ was supposed to kill the girl” :

— He (Gabriel) called the youngest, said he was on his way and what we were going to do. I piloted. He already gave the license plates of the car everything in order, since then I thought we were going to rob the car. I came, stopped by the car, thought he was going to rob me: when I stopped, he entered shooting. I was nervous – said Dayson in his testimony, when he also stated that the service was performed for five thousand reais.

Pregnant dead in Campos: with debts, the arrested partner would ask the victim to borrow R$ 16 thousand on the day of the crime
After receiving the amount, which was delivered on the same day of the crime by the application of a car for which Dayson could not provide information, the motorcyclist fled to the city of Macaé, 100 kilometers from Campos, for fear of the reaction of the traffic near his house. Dayson decided to turn himself in after repenting last Saturday.

remember the case

Letycia Peixoto Fonseca was returning from a visit to her new apartment where she had moved. Accompanied by her mother, Cintia Pessanha Fonseca, and her aunt, Simone Peixoto, the victim left them both at home. When the vehicle was stopped, two men on a motorcycle surrounded it.

Hit by five shots, the pregnant woman, who was eight months pregnant, was taken to the hospital, but she did not resist. His son, Hugo Peixoto Fonseca, was born but died the day after the crime.

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