The future of gaming is now. Top 10 Unreal Engine 5 Projects

Unreal Engine 5 has what it takes to revolutionize the video game industry. These fan projects prove it.

Unreal Engine 5, the next generation engine, has been nothing short of amazing so far. While the tech demo in The Matrix Awakens was just such a true sample of what this engine could do, it was nothing short of amazing, and it was enough to make me look forward to more games based on UE5. Especially since they’re titles like Tekken 8 or the new Witcher, so the whole thing is sure to have us on the edge of our seats, and not just visually.

However, fans decided to take matters into their own hands and made some projects based on Unreal Engine 5 that are impressive, and if fan projects can look like this, there is no doubt that developers will use this engine to make real gems. . Until then, let’s focus on the best demos.

Extremely realistic Japanese train station

The first project is Etchu-Daimon Station, a Japanese railway station in Imizu City (Toyama Prefecture) on the Ainokaze Toyama Line. The video appears to be a recorded video from this station. everything is extremely faithfully reproduced and the visual effects are amazing. In addition, the creator of this show, Lorenzo Drago, took care of the “horror” elements, and it must be admitted that the vision of this station at night, with fog around the railway tracks and a flashlight in hand, looks really scary. .

Rain in the jungle is a real art

Entitled Rain in the Jungle, the exhibit focuses on rain in the jungle, which, contrary to appearances, is extremely important and … just beautiful. A project by Ramon Monsanto shows how heavy rain can occur in UE5-based games and how water is handled, a key aspect of modern productions. There are no doubts here as the whole thing looks really fabulous and the lush jungle only adds to the charm.

World of Warcraft, but it’s Unreal Engine 5

Project Grunt, as the next demo for UE5 is called, is a fan-favorite reimagining of World of Warcraft on the next-gen engine. This project, whose trailer can be seen on the AXCEL YouTube channel, focuses on the most basic elements of the game, and yet it must be admitted that the whole thing looks really fabulous. While I’ve never immersed myself in one of the most popular MMOs in history, I would definitely reach for a release like this.

I haven’t done anything in games with world physics like this

Joe Garth, the creator of, has decided to introduce his additional tools called NEXTGEN Terrain Physics in Unreal Engine 5. The tech demo looks really amazing and the real-time landscape deformation and all the object physics are huge and I can see. it is used in games such as Death Stranding and The Elder Scrolls as well as Minecraft.

A list isn’t a list without Skyrim

Skyrim could not be missing from this list. Bethesda’s classic RPG can be played on literally every possible platform, so it’s no surprise that the fifth part of TES found its counterpart in UE5. There is no doubt that Skyrim is a great production and one of the most important games in the history of the entire industry, and even though everyone has already interacted with this game, with graphics like this, I would be willing to play through this production again. .

The Coalition, or when a video game engine beats cinematic CGI

The Coalition isn’t just a tech showcase, it’s also a love letter to Gears of War. At first glance, you can see that the whole thing mimics Microsoft’s iconic IP, and it does so in an amazing way. The Coalition looks much better visually than a lot of the CGI used in film, and I hope with all my heart that the project comes to fruition.

Smooth hills with a new generation engine

As we already saw with the previously mentioned Japanese train station, Unreal Engine 5 manages to create the perfect atmosphere for horror games. This is confirmed by the demo inspired by the legendary Silent Hill, which, although it lasts only a minute and does not show the game, is very impressive, and the play with light and the array of effects create an extremely disturbing atmosphere. .

Remakes of Nintendo classics like this are honey to the heart

The creator of YouTube channel CryZENx recreated The Legend of Zelda. Ocarina of Time with the next generation engine. While some of the angular outlines and classic textures are still there, the lighting effects, water look, and physics are phenomenal, and the whole thing perfectly blends the retro vibe of Link’s adventures with today’s industry trends.

The bully is back and more beautiful than ever

Bully is one of the most underrated and still quite forgotten IP Rockstar games. However, the creator of the TeaserPlay channel decided to pass this production on to the next generation, and the results are … well, awesome. Even though it all feels pretty over the top at times, it’s hard not to get the impression that UE5 would be the perfect tool for a remake. With relatively little work, we can achieve a visual masterpiece that will make the biggest fans of the series explode in their seats.

Superman is the icing on the cake

The aforementioned official trailer for The Matrix Awakens engine has been modified to star Superman. Batman and Spider-Man already got their own fan-favorite games, so now it’s time for one of the main characters in the DC Universe, and you have to admit, the physics and flying animations look absolutely amazing! : While it’s far from perfect, it makes a huge impression as a showcase, and in UE5, superhero productions can go to a new level.

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