The girl meets her biological mother after 4 years and the video goes viral. “Love always wins”

The mother-daughter reunion was touched and shared on social media. The moment was captured by the young woman’s stepmother, Alisa. The video has already exceeded 13 million views and received a number of compliments from netizens.

The teenager moved in with his father’s family four years ago after his mother lost custody of him due to allegations of chemical addiction. They had no further contact. Now, recovered, he even bought a house, went to meet his daughter and thanked her.

“There is [a filha] leads a wonderful life. I am happy with my decision. My girls were given the opportunity to have a better life than I could have provided. I bought a new house and am upgrading. Being able to go back was all I needed. Thank you for everything, Alyssa,” said the biological mother.

A viral video full of love

The video was originally posted on TikTok with a cute message.

“My daughter sees her biological mother after 4 years. Recovery is possible, and love always wins,” Alisa wrote in the video.

In the video, the biological mother arrives with the teddy bear and when the young woman notices her presence, she jumps, hugs and becomes completely emotional.

Alisa wrote in the caption of the video: “Love always wins. My daughter sees her biological mother for the first time after a bad day at practice [de líder] making happy.”

New family

The girl is a high school student and also the school cheerleader. She eventually moved in with her stepmother, Allyssa, when her mother had to be institutionalized.

The stepmother received the young woman with all the love that the girl deserved and needed at that very difficult moment.

Four years ago, Alice’s stepdaughter didn’t see her mother until they met again, and the story took the world by storm. The video is beautiful to see. [assista mais abaixo]

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emotional comments

In the comments, friends and netizens expressed their love for the two.

“Thank you for being so supportive of not only your daughter, but also her biological mother. That’s what co-parents and spouses should be, always about the kids.”

“As the daughter of a drug addict, my heart is so warm and full of joy for that sweet little girl. You are an amazing person for supporting me so much,” said another.

Love beat drugs

Yes, love and determination beat drugs.

In a new video published, the young woman’s mother thanked her for the warmth she received

Now separate the texture and watch the video.

@amor.0416 Full video without music. We had no idea everyone would be so interested #recoverypossible #recovery #reunited #reunion #bonusmom #love ♬ original sound by Alys

The young woman was very happy to see her mother again – Photo: personal archive

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