The Google Contacts app has received a useful new tab

The Google Contacts app probably needs no introduction. Now, as part of the latest update, the developers have decided to introduce a new tab to further highlight your favorite contacts.

A new tab in the Google Contacts app

In an increasing number of smartphones, Google Contacts replaces the previous contact storage application developed by the smartphone manufacturer. Of course, it does not provide very extensive features, but it must be admitted that the simple and clear interface makes it have many satisfied users all over the world.

Moreover, the described application was willingly developed by a company from Mountain View, so its users will hardly complain of boredom. The latest update introduced a section called Featured People.

The aforementioned section joins the previous two – Contacts and Repair and Management. As the name of the new tab suggests, it is focused on contacts that have been tagged by the user. First of all, this applies to contacts that have been added to favorites.

Google Contacts application (photo:

Your favorite contacts are now placed at the top of the Featured People tab, making it much easier to find such contacts. In addition, contact with the people included in this list should be faster and more convenient. This is not a revolutionary change, but it can be defined as a useful one.

The new tab in the Google Contacts app also lists recently viewed contacts as well as recently added contacts. Both lists are right below your favorite contacts. Of course, you can clear both lists at any time by selecting the appropriate menu option.

The news is now available

The Featured People tab in the Google Contacts app is server-side enabled, but you must have the appropriate version of the app downloaded – 3.82.22 or later.

If you don’t have the described novelty yet, it’s worth checking in Google Play to see if you have the latest update installed. Also, closing and restarting the app may help. Once you’ve completed these two steps, the Featured People tab should automatically appear in the app.

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