The government adopted a bill on a secured loan of 2 percent. What does the new program “Prvi Stan” offer?

Today we adopted the “First Apartment” program – it is a real help for Poles, which is based on access to a safe and stable source of financing and the possibility of saving for years with a bonus provided by the state, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Tuesday. It is a safe loan to help young Poles buy their first house or apartment.


– A safe loan is for people who are ready to buy their first apartment or house. The simple rules we implement aim to increase access to housing throughout Poland. The state will pay additional monthly installments over 10 years to make it a loan with a fixed interest rate, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister also reminded of other programs introduced by the government, such as Family on its own or Mieszkanie Plus. He added that Prvi stan is another program that was created so that as many Poles as possible could buy an apartment.

– We want the purchase of an apartment to mean stability and security in life, and not the beginning of worries, and that owning an apartment is a realistic prospect, not just a distant dream – the Prime Minister pointed out on March 14, 2023, during a press conference.

– This is the second program, after 500 plus, which is broad, universal, without stars and reserves, which can be successful. We want 100,000 people to benefit from this program within three years. people – said Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda in an interview for “Super Express”.

The new program will consist of two solutions, a secure loan of 2% and a housing account, which will allow you to allocate funds for the purchase of real estate in a few years.

“The first apartment” is program prepared for people up to 45 years old. In the event that the co-debtors lead one household, the condition is met if the younger one has not passed the prescribed age threshold. Subsidies apply to real estate on the primary and secondary market.

The loan will be given to people who do not have and have never had a house, apartment or a cooperative right to a house or business premises. The maximum amount of the surcharge will be: 500 thousand zlotys for singles and 600 thousand zlotys for households with at least one child or spouse. Your own contribution will not be able to exceed 200,000. zloty.

According to the assumptions of the draft law, the household consists of:

  • independent adults,
  • spouses,
  • parents of at least one child who remains under their legal care or parental care,
  • children under the legal guardianship or parental care of at least one of the persons leading the household.

The first real estate rule does not apply if members of the borrower’s household have up to 50% ownership of the house or apartment, obtained through inheritance. In this situation, the program will be used by people who want to buy the rest of the shares or who have not lived in the acquired property for at least a year.

People who were previously excluded from using real estate due to natural disasters or construction accidents will be able to get a secure loan.

The Ministry of Development and Technology says that “the subsidy on housing loan installments will be the difference between the fixed rate determined on the basis of the average interest rate on fixed loans in creditor banks, minus the margin, and the interest rate on the loan in the amount of 2 percent.” Therefore, the borrower will receive an interest rate of 2 percent, and the rest will be borne by the state budget.

The subsidy in installments will be due for 10 years, to be exact 2 times for 5 years. Real estate buyers will be able to choose any standard, location or price of a house or apartment.

The loan can be used for:

  • acquiring ownership of a house or apartment on the primary and secondary market,
  • making a construction contribution (housing cooperative).

The project assumes that borrowers will be able to use the program until 2027 (with the possibility of extension).

In order to use the “First Apartment” program, certain conditions must be met. We will lose money in a situation where, after a year of purchasing the property, we have not yet started running the household. The received subsidy amounts are then returned together with legal interest.

This means that debtors must move in as soon as possible after purchasing the property in order not to lose state subsidies. So far, however, the draft has not specified how this condition is checked.

You may also lose your right to participate in the program if, during the period of receiving state aid:

  • the property will be borrowed or rented,
  • the property will be sold,
  • the way in which the property is used will change,
  • the borrower has given up running a household in a certain house or space,
  • the borrower bought another property.

People included in the “First Apartment” program will be able to use a special account in the future to allocate funds for the purchase of space. The offered account will help you save for a period of 3 to even 10 years. For regular payments, you will be entitled to a so-called housing bonus.

– They are opened by a person who does not have and has never had an apartment (including a family house or a cooperative right to an apartment or a family house) or a person who lives in an apartment owned by at least two own or adopted children (the apartment cannot be larger than 50 m2 for 2 children, 75 m2 for 3 children, 90 m2 for 4 children, unlimited for 5 and more children) say the authors of the project.

The main rules of the housing account are as follows:

  • account of 13 years,
  • the minimum monthly payment is PLN 500, and the maximum is PLN 2,000. zloty,
  • annual vacation from saving once a year,
  • 5 years for the use of deposited funds.

It is important to note that this is not the final version of the draft law. Certain rules or regulations may change in the coming weeks.

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