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The government base is a minority in the House SC

Photo: Adriano Machado / The Antagonist

The government’s base is a minority in the House of Commons, the composition of which was revealed this Thursday (9).

PA and allies out of 64 seats the hard core, which includes the PDT and PSB, are just approx 15 MPs in the CCof which 10 come from PT and its alliance with PC do B and PV.

a oppositionPL, PP, Republicans and Podemos, get together! 26 members. Jair Bolsonaro’s party is represented the most: 13.

União Brasil, MDB and PSD, part Centrão q:who negotiates with the government, but in a way independentlyto answer 18 of the CC members.

Smaller parties in the House, including the PSDB-Cidadania federation, have about 5 seats.

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