The government blames PP for the crisis and announces measures to unblock TK

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, made an institutional statement this Tuesday following the decision of the Constitutional Court to block the debate in the Senate on the norm that included the reform of the appointment of magistrates of that same court. Chief executive officer he pointed to the People’s Party as responsible for this institutional crisis due to the disrespect of the popular will expressed at the polls last November 2019, Sánchez guaranteed that the government would abide by the decision of the conservative bloc, but promised measures to end the “unjustified” blockade.

The socialist leader called for calming the situation and guaranteed that the Council of Ministers would he will stand for “strict observance of the law” in order to implement the Constitution. However, he did not outline the measures he would take, which neither did the spokesperson of the Socialist Group in Congress, Patxi López. He did not mention the procedure followed by his parliamentary group and Unidas Podemos, which included this reform as an amendment to the regulation whose subject was the reform of the Criminal Codespecifically, the crimes of sedition and embezzlement.

Chief Executive Officer, who He did not specify how he would behave from now on, appealed for peace and guaranteed that the laws and the Constitution would be respected. He confirmed that the Government, although it does not share the decision of the guarantee court, adhere to the resolution “current conservative majorities”.

AND a decision he described as “unprecedented” and that this, he said, has its origin in the decision of the People’s Party to “violate the constitutional mandate” with the sole aim of maintaining the composition of the General Judicial Council “which is more favorable for its orientation”. “Since then, we have witnessed an unprecedented situation, the blockade of the restoration of the judiciary and the Constitutional Court” which has lasted for more than four years, he added.

For Sánchez, the decision of the Constitutional Court it’s a “serious fact” since it is the first time that the representatives chosen by the Spaniards have been prevented from exercising their legislative function. It is, the head of the Executive Power pointed out, about events “unprecedented in the history of our country” and of no other country in the European context.

Also, it was aimed at Democrats who feel “outraged” those citizens “who are disturbed by such a serious institutional conflict” believe that their right to representation has been violated. He conveyed a message of cheerfulness to everyone because Spain is one of the great European democracies and “has mechanisms that can overcome this situation”, and the only possible way is the law and respect for the Constitution. “IN moments of uncertainty require calmness and firmness“, concluded Sánchez, who once again appealed for respect for the law so that respect for the Constitution and the will of the people prevail.

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