The government excludes 1.4 million families from Bolsa Familia. see if you’re on the list

The Minister of Development and Social Assistance, Welington Díaz, announced last Friday (3) that around 1.4 million irregular registrations have been removed from Bolsa Família payroll. Such family groups received the benefit improperly.

Prior to this discovery, the minister had reported that there were signs of irregularities in about 2.5 million registrations. Therefore, the federal government can exclude another 1.1 million families from the welfare program until December of this year. See if you can be on this list.

1.4 million irregular beneficiaries excluded from Bolsa Família

This March, according to the data of the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, 1 million 479 thousand 915 families were withdrawn from the social income transfer program. With these cuts, Bolsa Família now has R$471 million available to cover new beneficiaries.

However, Diaz noted that the departure of 1.4 million beneficiaries does not represent the final number of irregular registrations. “The exact number is determined only by conclusion [da revisão do cadastro]. But there are very strong indications that at least another 1 million are not compliant.”

What are the characteristics of families that are excluded from the Bolsa Familia? See if you’re on the list

Still according to the folder information.

  • About 1 million registrations were excluded due to non-compliance with program requirements, such as per capita income exceeding the specified limit;
  • Another 393,500 families were excluded from Bolsa Família for not complying with single person registration rules;
  • Finally, 4100 voluntarily left the government’s initiative.

How will I know if I will receive Bolsa Familia in March?

See how to request a benefit below.

by the application

Counseling can be done through the Bolsa Familia application. To do this, it is enough to have a Personal Taxpayer Registration Number (CPF). Caixa Tem is also available for this procedure. Check it step by step.

  1. Install the Auxílio Brasil app on your mobile phone;
  2. Next, log in by entering your CPF number;
  3. Then create a login password;
  4. After entering the application, click on the request values ​​button on the main screen;

From the website

Another option is to consult the official website of the Caixa Econômica Federal. See how to do it below.

  1. Open the official website of Caixa;
  2. Then click on “Consult beneficiary families”;
  3. Then select the “Family Counseling” option.
  4. Once this is done, enter the NIS (Social Identification Number) and CPF of the responsible family;
  5. Then click the request.

By phone

Finally, here’s where to call if you want to make an appointment over the phone.

  • Call Center 111 – Caixa Econômica Federal;
  • Call Center 121 – Ministry of Citizenship.

Bolsa Familia payment schedule – March

final NIS Payment day
1: March 20
two March 21
3: March 22
4: March 23
5:00 March 24
6:00 March 27
7:00 March 28
8 o’clock March 29
9:00 March 30
0: March 31
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