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The government intends to eliminate the queue for benefits

The federal government intends to use Fuel PEC: to clear the queue Brazilian aid. In addition, the aim of the event is to increase the cost of the program from 400 rubles to 600 rubles. It should be noted that if approved, the total cost of the event should reach $ 38.5 billion, exceeding the cost ceiling. .

The original idea of Fuel PEC: should have zeroed the ICMS payment for diesel fuel, cooking gas and natural gas. In this regard, it is intended to reduce the tax rate by 12%. The total value of this compensation is 29.6 billion.

Idea for magnification for topic experts Amount of aid to Brazil և: clear the program queuein addition to exceeding cost ceiling, may also cause problems with electoral legislation. It is currently illegal for the state administration to distribute benefits or goods free of charge in an election year.

Fuel PEC:

The Senate must vote today (30) to replace the text Proposal to amend the Constitution (PEC) fuel. The changes were proposed by rapporteur Fernando Bezera (MDB-PE) last Wednesday (29).

It is proposed to create a voucher in the amount of 1 thousand R $ with the changes of the texts truck drivers. If approved, this benefit will be valid for July-December 2022 և will cost the state treasury $ 5.4 billion. In addition, the right to resources will be given to the self-employed specialists registered until May 31 of this year.

In addition, changes to the fuel PEC provide for an increase in the cost of gas vouchers, as in Auxílio Brasil. This way the gas voucher can increase from R $ 60 to $ R $ 120. The minimum amount for Auxílio Brasil can range from R $ 400 to R $ 600.

See who is eligible for Brazil’s 600 R $ aid

Auxílio Brasil is designed for Brazilian families in need poverty և: extreme poverty. To receive the benefit, you must renew your registration with the Cadastro Único para Programas Sociais (CadÚnico) և Comply with certain rules required by the federal government.

In this respect, extremely poor families are those whose monthly family income is up to R 105 R $ per person. Poor families, on the other hand, are those with a maximum per capita income of R $ 210 per month. It should be noted that poor families can receive Auxílio Brasil only if there are pregnant women, nursing mothers or young children. people in their family under 21 years old.

If approved, all citizens who already receive Brazilian aid will be entitled to a benefit of at least R $ 600. Besides, increase of gas voucher should also be automatically transmitted to beneficiaries. It should be noted that even in the case of growth gas ticketThe benefit should continue to be paid every two months, taking into account the average use of Brazilian families.

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