The government is preparing a program of air tickets worth 200 rials, the minister said

The federal government intends to close an agreement with airlines to sell BRL 200 tickets for pensioners, students and civil servants, Minister Marcio France (Ports and Airports) said. Only those with a salary below R$ 6800 will benefit.

This will be possible by taking up empty seats on career flights, France said in an interview with Correio Braziliense this Sunday (12). The plan will be a request from President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

“Brazilian companies reach about 30 million passengers, each operating at 78-80 percent of vacancies occupied. Another 20% come out empty,” Fransa told the newspaper.

According to the minister’s calculations, it will be possible to offer 14 million to 15 million tickets for 200 rubles per year.

The government’s plan is to sell these tickets through the Caixa Econômica or Banco do Brasil app. “These are people whose income is already linked to us, students are an exception. We need to find a financing mechanism,” Fransa said in the interview.

Each program beneficiary will be entitled to two return tickets worth a total of R$800 per person per year. This will allow you to take a companion on the trip.

According to França, the government intends to offer installments with 12 interest-free installments.


The program is still subject to acceptance by national airlines. The BRL 6,800 revenue limit would prevent customers on regular commercial flights from using the program and jeopardize the sale of the companies.

“It’s a different community, we have 90 million passengers today, but only 10 million CPF are flying. Look how ridiculous it is, 90 million tickets are issued a year for only 10 million people.”

The design announced by the government was inspired by the old Caixa Econômica’s Melhor Viagem program for the elderly. “I spoke with the president of Kaikha, I think it will be easy. What matters is the political decision and the airlines should want it.”


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