The government reduces salary interest for INSS pensioners

For the conventional loan, the new interest ceiling will change from 2.14% to 1.70% per month; in the case of beneficiaries using a credit card, the limit will vary from 3.06% to 2.62%.

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The National Council of Social Security (CNPS) – formed by the Minister of Social Security, Carlos Lupi (PDT), in addition to representatives of the government, pensioners, workers and companies – approved this Monday (13) a measure that lowers the interest rate ceiling . charged to payroll loans for retirees and retirees e National Institute of Social Security (INSS). With this, the maximum rate charged for the sector will go from the current 2.14% monthly to 1.70% – if the operation performed is the conventional payroll. A total of 12 votes in favor and 3 against, regarding the salary credit card the values ​​will increase from 3.06% to 2.62% per month. As soon as they are published in the Official Gazette, which should happen next Wednesday, the 15th, according to the Ministry of Social Security, the new rates will come into effect. In relation to old contracts, the interest will remain the same at the time of contracting the loan and only new contracts will benefit from the reduction of the interest ceiling. On your Twitter account, Carlos Lupi He said: “The reduction of interest rates is the flag of our government and as far as it depends on the Ministry of Social Security, we will always be ready to help”. According to the file, eight million INSS beneficiaries have an active contract related to the use of payroll credits and about 1.8 million have already reached the update limit – a commitment of up to 45% of their income. Payroll loan mode is used through a payroll deduction method or government benefit. As a result, interest rates are usually lower than non-resource-charged credit modes.

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