the government will provide the payment schedule

Upon approval of Electoral CEC which extends social benefits to three months before the elections, the federal government wants to modify – eventually, the payment schedule of Auxílio Brasil.

The objective is to predict the payment schedule for the first two weeks of each month. Currently, payment is made within the last 10 working days, according to start (Social Identification Number), as it operated in Family Scholarship, a sign of PT management. With this, the new floor of the program, which increases from R$ 400 to R$ 600, would already be paid in the first days of August.

The advance aims to free President Jair Bolsonaro’s income transfer program, in effect since November 2021, from Bolsa Família, the flagship of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Planalto Palace’s intention is to start paying the new benefits on August 9. Among them, the increase of the Auxílio Brasil floor, which will increase from the current 400 BRL to 600 BRL, an allowance for self-employed truck drivers of 1,000 BRL in six installments, in addition to a benefit for taxi drivers, about 200 BRL. .

The PEC will last only until the month of December and will generate an additional expenditure of 41.2 billion dollars. The PEC was announced by the National Congress last Thursday (July 14).

According to a Globo report, the government is in a hurry because of the results of polls on voting intentions, which put Lula ahead in the race for Planalto. According to a Palace minister, the expectation is that the growth of Auxílio Brasil will change the mood of voters in favor of Bolsonaro, especially in the northeast and interior of the state of Minas Gerais.

According to technicians from the Ministry of Citizenship, the file has been prepared to run the Auxílio Brasil sheet in advance. July payments start next Monday (18) for a universe of 18 million households, who will still receive the floor of R$400.

The Ministry has the challenge of including in the program about two million families who are in line, already in August.

In addition to the change in the payment schedule of Auxílio Brasil, Bolsonaro was advised to explore one of the aspects of the program: women, a segment with high rejection of the president. The tactic began to be adopted by him during the CEC announcement ceremony.

A study commissioned by the government for the Ministry of Citizenship reveals that the majority of the public benefiting from Auxílio Brasil are women. Considering the July data, female-headed households represent 84.7% of the public served, covering 15.3 million out of a universe of 18 million inhabitants.

The increase in the income of these families is 6.120 billion dollars per month. 28.9 million live in the families served by the program, which means 57.7% of the total.

These data will be explored by President Bolsonaro in the campaign, according to the interlocutors.

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