The health problems you have to face Ona Carbonell estos días

A little over a month ago Thanks Carbonell returned to work after maternity leaveafter haber gave birth to her second son, Theo, the finals of the last month of June. Since then, and with some medium-sized competitions, the Olympic swimmer has been non-stop, combining her professional activities with taking care of her baby. However, within this “normality”, the athlete has experienced very difficult times. Yes, Ona admitted that she had to do before various health problemsof which the day continues to be recovered by some.


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Everything seemed to be going smoothly until the athlete was honest in her public profile and told what happened in the last few days. The synchronized swimming champion made a post that left a very worried followers. Featuring an image of her sitting on the sofa with her little Theo in her arms and carrying two bags ice on the feetshe said it”super fall“, which she had, as she qualifies in her stories: “How difficult, but what is necessary to stop sometimes. A few days ago I returned with the little ones from the doctor after a holiday with many viruses,” the main character began to say, revealing that the Christmas season had not been as good health-wise as they had hoped.


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“It’s been a few days without stopping, very tired and with a thousand things on my head, and While traveling on the train, I fell down the stairs of the station. Despite the pain, I was just thinking about going home because I had to feed Theo,” he continued, admitting what happened.”I didn’t want to have mastitis again, after three days had passed (the second in a short time). I don’t share these things, but in the end, are things that happen y está bien contalas. Fortunately, I’m fine. Sometimes it’s better to stop and reconnect,” zanjaba, also revealing that if the breast tissue became inflamed, what caused the mastitis. Khan wanted to send a round of applause to the Olympic swimmer.


Faced with the anxiety that caused her thousands of followers, Ona Carbonell decided to upload a video to reassure them. In it appeared in it pool, in a swimsuit and excited. The swimmer told first-hand what it was like and the bruises he still has after the fall: “Todaviya he fought me a lotof course i tend to go make one Roentgen“, he admitted.

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The swimmer went on to explain the areas that were still affected, running his finger over the points that had them”marathons“. He also vouches that the skin continues to hurt “quite a bit” and that he prefers it if he looks at it himself “some broken“. but the code is a scam in my opinion“, and ended with that everything was fine, despite his pains. Ona Carbonell now lives a normal life, and his test was the escape that took place tonight with his partner, Pablo Ibanez, in an “idyllic” location and without children, according to the Olympics.

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