The Herring action promotes the Christmas edition of the global movement Sofar Sounds

This Saturday (17th), in São Paulo, Hering promoted “Sofar Sounds of Christmas”, an experience that brought together music and Brazilianness to celebrate the arrival of the end of the year. Created by SoWhat, the activation is inspired by the concept“It’s nice to see you from Hering. Nice to see everyone partying“, is the main message of the brand’s campaign, which consists of an intimate celebration – which is characteristic of Sofar Sounds events, specialists in secret shows that discover new artists around the world.

The Christmas and Brazilian edition of Sofar Sounds is inspired by the label’s events that deviate from the usual presentation format in bars and concert halls. Thus, the action brought the musicians together in an intimate show, in a party atmosphere among friends. In the lineup that took place at Casa das Caldeiras, in the capital of São Paulo, names that appear in Brazilian music: Bala Desire, winner of the Latin Grammy 2022 in the category of Best Pop Album in Portuguese, alongside Nino Oliveira and Amanda Guimarães, creating space for children’s choir of the Anelo Institute.

Fabiola Guimarães, director of the Hering brand, says:

“The idea of ​​uniting Hering and Sofar Sounds for the end of our year 2022 is directly related to an important pillar of the brand, Brazilian culture. As well as bringing new musical talent to the fore, we were able to materialize our Christmas campaign ‘It’s great to see everyone having fun’ to celebrate all our achievements and prepare for an even more promising year.”

Caroline Swinka, Partner and COO at SoWhat, reviews:

“This project is a different way of reinforcing Hering’s message for this end of the year with the best of the rising Brazilian music scene. For SoWhat, enabling the release of Sofar Sounds sponsored by such an iconic brand means connecting the customer with popular culture, which is fundamental to any company.”

The campaign also includes initiatives in different digital channels, with coverage of influencers involved in editing. Check:

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The Sofar Sounds movement offers artists and spectators a unique opportunity to perform and witness concerts by independent artists at secret presentations, held in traveling venues. The movement, started in England and today global, is already taking place in more than 500 cities on 5 continents.

Dilson Laguna, CEO of Flow.Creative, the agency that represents Sofar Sounds Brasil, says:

“One of the virtues of Sofar as a cultural project is that, although it is a global initiative, it greatly values ​​the local culture of each region. In Brazil, we have a great lack of space and platforms for new talent, and here Sofar ended up serving as a platform for new artists, unlike other countries where they have more opportunities. That’s why the meeting with Hering happened naturally, as the brand raises the same flags of undertaking initiatives that create social impact and value our rich and diverse music culture.”

As part of the event, Hering Kids donated toys and clothes to the families of children in the choir, which is part of the brand’s strong positioning in terms of social responsibility present through the brand’s actions.

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